Transition Years Safety Awareness Course – Learning for Life

Facts never lie. In a survey done for the academic year 2012, 96% of transition year students voted our course was the oustanding highlight of their year. Life long driving skills and driving knowledge are acquired by both students and transition year co-ordinators.

Course Content – The course is wide ranging and incorporates the many driving skills needed to drive an automobile in a safe manner. Each student will have a minimum of 15mins driving accompanied by a qualified driving instructor and then essential preparation for the students theory test will be covered in the office. This course will be completed in 2 hours.


€40 per student

Munster Driving Campus Students Learning to Drive

Group 1

The Driving Track

Group 1 will begin on the driving track with our ADI approved driving instructors. Each student will spend at least 15mins behind the wheel. This is what the students love! In our safe, controlled campus designed with all the features of a public road, they will get a real feel for what to expect on the road and controls of the car.

Munster Driving Campus

Transition Year Course - In the Theory Room

Group 2

The Theory Room
Test your reflexes! With our unique brake reactor test, the students will learn about hazzards, how to react and breaking distance times. Groups of three students will undertake the theory test. It will give them a great insight into what to expect for the real theory test.

Transition Year Students with Beer GogglesBeer Goggles
A bit of fun! …but will also highlight the severe dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Munster Driving Campus Transition Year Students

Munster Driving Campus Transition Year Students