Munster Driving Campus Offer Automatic Car Lessons

Munster Driving Campus Automatic Car Lessons

In general it’s quicker and easier to take lessons in an automatic car. Driving an automatic car means you only use your right foot to control brake and accelerator for foot controls. This takes away excessive switching of the gear stick in manual cars. Many students prefer regular automatic driving tuition or intensive automatic driving courses – making it easier for new drivers/learners to obtain their driving licence without worrying about shifting gears.

Our level of automatic car instruction, professionalism and dedication will still be at its highest. Many learner drivers are now choosing to do automatic car lessons. Here’s why:

  • Automatic cars do not have a clutch
  • You have much less to think about
  • Automatic cars will not stall
  • You can negotiate roundabouts with confidence as you can move off quickly
  • Your driving will be smoother without worrying about changing gears
  • Without worrying about the clutch your driving test manoevers will be a lot smoother

Munster Driving Campus Automatic Car Lessons

For new drivers taking driving lessons or those with limited mobility, automatic car lessons could be the better choice. Remember driving an automatic car will be a lot easier because you only have two pedals to concentrate on on and it’s almost impossible to stall an automatic car!

For automatic car lessons call Con at 086 0863618 or contact us here.