Under 17’s

Great news for all under 17 students. Avoid practicing illegally in carparks and industrial estates. At Munster Driving Campus we provide all the challenges of the public road, with professional advice from qualified ADI driving instructors while you are fully insured. Start Right, Stay Safe! – No traffic, No Pressure, No Problem.

Automatic Car Lessons

Munster Driving Campus also offers automatic car lessons. It is nearly impossible to stall an automatic engine, and it generally more comfortable to drive because it allows the driver to keep both hands on the wheel. Find out more about automatic car lessons here.

Car Trailers

The time has come when everybody towing a trailer needs to check out the following to know if they are entitled to do so. If you are not licenced to do so we can help.

How Can I Find Out More About Towing Capacity?
The towing capacity is described for licensing purposes as the maximum authorised mass (MAM). Your owner manual/handbook will have a section in it about vehicle specification that will tell you this and almost all vehicles will have a metal plate fixed to its body which also gives this information. For trailers the MAM is the weight of a trailer itself together with the heaviest load which it can carry as specified by the trailer manufacturer.

What Trailers Does My Category B Licence Cover?

You can tow a trailer with a:

  • MAM no greater than 750g, and or
  • Where the MAM of the trailer exceeds 750kg but where the MAM of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3500kg.

As a general rule your category B licence would not allow you to tow a horsebox or a livestock trailer for bringing animals to the local mart.

Call 022 29172 to find out more.

Groups and Refresher Courses

Groups are especially welcome at our state of the art facility. We cater for groups of up to a maximum of 36. Organisations that have benefited from our expertise are Scouts, Girl Guides, GAA Clubs, Camogie and ladies football clubs, Foroige, LCA classes and especially transition year students.

Our Instructors

At Munster Driving Campus our driving instructors (male and female) believe the students safety and positive learning experience is key to becoming both a confident and competent driver. Effective communication, patience, experience and excellent inter-personal skills are all attributes our ADI instructors have acquired. These qualities are key to putting nervous first-time drivers at ease and ensuring their driving experience at Munster Driving Campus is the stepping stone to becoming a capable and an accomplished driver. Remember – No Traffic, No Pressure, No Problem!