Munster Driving Campus is the only off-road driving campus in Ireland that gives the student all the challenges which they will encounter on our country roads, minus the traffic.

Our roads are sheltered by ditches which is unique to this facility. Because of this feature the transition from track to the road is much less daunting. Students will learn to drive in a safe and friendly environment in the company of qualified driving instructors. Features which are included on our custom built track are:
Munster Driving Campus Cars

  1. Traffic lights
  2. Roundabout
  3. Hillstart
  4. Reverse around corner
  5. Turnabout
  6. Bay parking
  7. Parallel parking
  8. Numerous stop and yield signs

When students reach a safe level of competency we then proceed to the public road to complete the mandatory E.D.T. (Essential Driver Training) lessons. We also cater for teenagers and under 17’s without a learner permit. Early professional advice will prevent those bad habits.